headshotWhile I was exposed to a healthy and natural way of living during my youth, in my early twenties I began to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. After seeing how much of a positive impact it had on my health, I developed a passion for exercise, and in 2004 I started working as a personal trainer at a local gym.

It was during that time that I quickly came to learn that being healthy and reshaping your body wasn’t just about exercising. A large percentage of progress that my clients made were based off their dietary choices. With that in mind, I continued towards my goal of helping people to the best of my ability and furthered my knowledge, becoming a licensed sport nutritionist. Shortly after, in 2007, I started my own personal training and nutrition business — A Deal 4 Fitness.

Helping people to be healthier and achieve their goals through proper exercise and nutrition was a dream job for me. Not only was I sharing my knowledge with others, but I was directly helping them achieve what had once seemed impossible.

I decided I wanted to apply my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer and nutritionist towards myself even more, and really challenge myself. I began taking part in Figure Competions in the beggining of 2007, and by the years end I had already qualified for and competed in national-level events, placing in the top 5. I enjoyed the challenges and was proud of my personal accomplishments, however I knew that I wanted to help people on a deeper level — and getting licenced as a Holistic Health Practitioner was my next step. Full Bloom Wellness was born from my desire to help people holistically in mulpitle facets of their lives. Whether it be assistance with exercise, proper nutrition and supplementation, energy, weight loss, confidence or alernative healing, be confident that you can feel your best and live your life to the fullest while I teachinspiremotivate, and educate you on the secrets to true wellness.

Life is an ongoing journey, filled with struggles and obstacles to overcome and grow from, and all the while there is the opportunity to engage the process with confidence and optimism, as you become empowered by knowledge. By using my years of personal and professional experience, I have learned to take the best possible care of my body by addressing my physical, emotional and spiritual needs and I’m here to teach you how to do the same.

And I look forward to doing just that!


Full Bloom Wellness provides help in a wide array of health topics. If you are looking for help in an area that wasn’t addressed, feel free to email us with your questions, and if we feel it is beyond our expertise we will do our best to find you a resource that can assist you further.


The more we become aware of how the foods we eat can be beneficial or harmful to our bodies, the more changes we are inclined to make.

Meal Design

We’ll create a meal plan that is customized to your goals, body’s needs, and things you enjoy to eat is essential when it comes to getting results you deserve and optimizing your health.

Allergy Friendly

We have solutions to helping you find the way to live happily and healthy, while enjoying an allergy friendly diet and still accomplishing your goals.


Everyone has goals, but not everyone achieves them. By working together, we can help you to clearly define what your goals are, and what is it that is standing in the way of completion.

Stress & Time

We live in a society where people are constantly on the go, over-worked and do not get enough rest — but things don’t have to be that way.

Soul Coaching

Realize, actualize, and maximize your divine potential and start living your life with purpose and passion.


Your body may not be getting what it needs to function optimally, and ultimately heal. By using nutrients that are derived from natural sources we can restore balance.


At one point in our lives, most of us felt more energetic than we do today, and would love to have that vitality back. Let’s make that happen.

I believe all of us have an amazing purpose in this world and we will continue to feel restless (and unhealthy), until we start pursuing the life we were meant to live!

If your need someone to come along side you and teach you the ways of Holistic Health I would love to be that person. Lets discover who you really are, improve your health, and accomplish your goals all at the same time.

The 12-Week Empowerment System is completely HOLISTIC and that’s why it’s different then any program you could have tried! You will have 12 weeks to truly dedicate to working towards a healthier you, and Melissa will be there to coach you during the whole process, not only making sure you succeed, but also that you learn how to employ all the holistic elements you’ve learned into your lifestyle therefor when 12 weeks is over, your journey to a better you isn’t over — it’s just beginning.

Please contact Melissa@FullBloomWellness.com for details!




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Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials


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